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There are several traffic sources available online for different businesses in a unique and exclusive way to engage their audience. If you are wondering to start your affiliate marketing with best traffic sources, you can choose push notification traffic sources. These are nothing but automated clickable messages sent by an application or website to a user, even if the site/application is not open.

Push notifications are making a sensation and getting a lot of attention by providing new traffic methods to affiliate scene. Many push traffic sources for affiliate programs are booming all around with the increased competition and improved technology. Thus the affiliate marketers are taking advantages by getting offers through push traffic.

What is Push Traffic?

Push traffic is nothing but getting the traffics through a push notification on your device either from websites, social network, or apps. These push notifications are considered a universal ad format that works on different products, services, and also CPA offers. It opens the possibilities for promotion of an offer, announcements, update of websites, and a brand awareness campaign. However, the ad networks are taking advantages by selling web push notification traffic to users with the help of browsers. These notifications are being sent by the ad agencies to their subscriber base.

The power of push traffics:

  • Entitled to a higher conversion rate
  • Enjoy exceptional Ad visibility
  • Reach your user while they are not on their device
  • Access the database
  • Manage the huge volume
  • Real and genuine users

Aspects to know before picking a push traffic source:

There are various aspects to consider to push traffic before moving into affiliate marketing and sales.

  • The cost of the push traffic sources
  • Amount of traffic available at the agency
  • Rules, regulations, and limitations of such traffic sources
  • Quality of traffic source
  • Niche requirements of the audience
  • Types of a campaign by targeting the audience


Why push notifications?

Push notifications are considered as the new type of ad format for advertisers that makes a huge influence. It has also become a powerful ad format that is very hard to ignore for the affiliates. The mobile users will get instant notifications on their device through push notifications. The push notifications have a higher CTR rate than any other type of ad formats.

The impacts of push notification ads network are increasing day by day and are reflected on customer engagement and retention. The good opt-in strategy makes it an ideal format for gaining subscriber base. This is because push traffic only includes the customers who have opted in to receive notifications. Therefore, you will always get quality traffic with genuine users.

The ad will be displayed on the screen and it creates an impression for the users to open. You can also customize with descriptions, images, emojis, logo, and good text content to grab more user attention. You can also target millions of users with a noble landing page and lovely ad copy.

Push notification campaign through push ads:

Online advertising through push notification has evolved as an easy experience for business owners. The user-centric content of push notifications leverages the business to a height.

The advertisers can reach clients and customers directly by avoiding intermediaries such as banners or social media. They can create engaging ad copy for your targeted audience for a good campaign. The less notification and short content of push notification ensure high-quality traffic and authentic audiences for campaigns.

Push ads can work for any vertical with the help of coupons and vouchers, good content, offers, etc. and many more. The quality of the traffic relies on how you are projecting the ads on the user’s device. You need to monitor your data to get traffic and optimize your campaigns for an ROI.


Push traffic Sources:

The push notification ad format set up has the same across every traffic source. But just make sure you upload the images with the proper size, get a creative title and description that helps in grabbing the user’s attention and increase the CTR through your affiliate link.

Check the 3 ad platforms that I am focusing currently that will help you to get a basic knowledge of how ad format works. Here, I am going to tell you how affiliate marketing is being done by the push notification ad networks with these three examples.

  • PropellerAds
  • Admaven
  • Megapush

Every Ad network follows the common following things to create their Push Notification Ads. They are:

  • Target URL (Affiliate Link)
  • Image
  • Title
  • Description


  1. PropellerAds:

PropellerAds is a traffic source to set up push notification campaign. You will need to deposit $200 after sign up. Also, you can use certain promo code to get bonus. Then you can start your campaign under the push notification ad format. The minimum CPC for push notification traffic is $0.005 in some countries.

With PropellerAds push notifications, you can use the CPC pricing model. You are supposed to choose CPC (Cost per Click) while doing first testing so that you know you are only going to pay when your link is clicked.


  1. Admaven:

Admaven has push traffic that includes both mobile and desktop push notifications. The traffic is mid-range in terms of push traffic. Many sources and even affiliate networks doing well in terms of communication. However, the market is completely based on the globe but the support is US based, thus it is very difficult for support if you are based on the Middle East or Europe.

  1. Megapush:

Megapush is an ad network agency that is mainly based on push notification advertisements. This is new in the market for ad format push notification advertising, still, it is growing at a major speed. Many organizations are using this model to bring clients to their websites and services.

The message is delivered to the user by native advertisement through push notifications. It also eliminates the low-quality traffic by the advertiser. It also gives maximum visibility and high click-through rate as compared to traditional banner ads. The deposit amount is $100 which is the minimum deposit during the signup.

The CPC in Megapush depends on the country you are targeting. There are countries which have a minimum of 2 ($0.02) and other countries have 0.1 ($0.001) per click.


Reality check of Push traffic sources:

Before moving with the ad agencies for affiliate marketing, check all the offers provided by them. Check the pricing model and the subscriber base of the agencies.

Some marketers have an obsession with finding cheap website traffic for conversion. Sometimes they want to create a campaign and promote it with their own affiliate clicks with less cost. Even some marketers feel dissatisfied after using expensive Ad networks and don’t even get quality traffic.


Why choose your own push notification server?

Most of the big brands think of advertising their products with massive campaigns to pull customers to their sales funnel. They use hundreds of millions of dollars to saturate the world with their marketing.

If that is your idea of advertising for a small and medium business, it can be a bit overwhelming. Instead of trying to get the help of ad agencies, you need a different approach to drive your marketing efforts.

Fortunately, you can use your own push notification server to acquire customers and grow your sales. You can send the customers to direct targeted messages through push notifications from your own platform to drive more actions. You can send affiliate links through push notifications to your own subscriber base to buy a product, read your blog post, join a newsletter, send offers, and any marketing goals.

This makes it easier in terms of budget. The ROI calculations will be much clear reducing. You can cut the commission amount instead of paying to ad agencies for your campaigns.

The push notification channel of your own gives the value proposition and CTA to take a prospect in a faster way. But first, you understand what makes the alternative push channels different and effective in affiliate marketers.

There are several new channels that help the users to get the traffic with less expensive push notification channels. The affiliates can take advantage of this opportunity to get it start for their marketing. They can also direct link to an offer by sending push notifications from their own website or landing page where they can send the traffic first and then redirect them to your offers. Affiliate marketers can also reach their audience using their own push notification service. They need not rely upon the ad agencies for sending the notifications. Nevertheless, the push notifications services help to allow them to successfully re-engage users with customized content in real-time  push notifications.

For example, push notification services like Pushmaze is providing a platform with eliminating all the downside of these ad agencies. It has become rapidly growing service providers and an effective traffic source option for affiliate marketing instead of depending ad agencies.

You will notice your growth that meets all the criteria after using your own push notification server like Pushmaze because:

  • It is trackable and based on personalization.
  • Based on past customer analysis.
  • You can make a specific offer that the customer segment would be interested in.
  • You can save your time.
  • You can save half of your budget that is being given to the ad agencies.
  • You can create value for your brand.
  • Most importantly, get your service with only one-time investment. No recurring cost is involved.



To conclude:

On average, many affiliates either manage their programs in-house by using push notification services or they partner with affiliate management agencies to manage their requirements. Now you choose which approach is best suited for you according to your day to day aspects

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