Benefits Of Web Push Notifications

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From the time web push notification has come into the picture, online marketers have opened doors to brand new possibilities. Web push notification has given new meaning to their marketing strategies and given them the brilliant opportunity to tap the target audience real-time. Through this, you can keep in touch with your users and subscribers effectively and on-the-go.

You must be wondering how this new kid in the block became so famous as any other digital marketing medium. To know that you need to understand the benefits of web push notification. But first, you need to understand how it is better than even email marketing, the king of digital marketing medium.

Benefits Of Web Push Notifications

One of the reasons why web push is so popular because its conversion rate is so high. The data above clearly shows the stark difference between email marketing and web push notification. Through web push notification marketers can build their marketing campaign list 30 times faster than they can through email campaigns.

Did you know that the E-commerce industry is ranked number one for using web push notifications? The top five industries are:

Web Push Notifications Stats

Moreover, on average, a website gets more than 12% of visitors who accept web push notification while browsing. That itself is higher than normal email marketing metrics. The travel industry uses mobile and website push notification together maximum for their marketing and promotional requirements.

You must be wondering why web push has become so popular these days in the fast-evolving digital world.

Here are the key benefits of  web notifications and why it has become so popular:


Get Subscribers Easily:

Getting subscribers through a lead capture form or email is difficult as it requires a certain amount of active engagement. Web push helps you do just that with one click

Real-Time Communication:

Through notification slider, your message will get easily delivered to your prospects even when they are not on the browser. They can read your message in real-time and respond accordingly.

No Mobile App Required:

We know that creating a mobile app requires a certain chunk of your marketing budget and can become expensive in maintaining it. Web push notification will help you conduct your marketing messaging without the requirement of any mobile app. Your notification will work perfectly on browsers like Chrome and Firefox just as it works on any app on the smartphones. You can save on app development and maintenance cost and spend it on other crucial business requirements.

One-Line Copy:

Creating a web push is much faster than creating a full-fledged email campaign. You can spread your message among your target market in just 100 characters. Be crisp, lucid and compelling in your copy and you can ensure high click-through rates than any email or social media campaigns.

Opt-in Notification:

One of the best parts of the web push is it is permission-based. For example, when a visitor is clicking on your notification, he is doing it on his own and opting to give you the permission to send further marketing or promotional notifications in future as well. Through an accepted domain, you can send notifications to your subscribers without even taking their email addresses. This way you are also not hampering their privacy or taking any crucial data from your subscribers.

No Spam Filters:

During email campaigns, most of the emails get trashed due to strict spam filters. Web push does not come with such issues. It is a 100% communication medium where you are getting in touch with the visitor or prospect or customer in real-time and delivering your message at the right time.  

Engage, Re-engage and Retarget:

One of the most usages of web push is by the Travel industry and E-commerce industry. They at a regular intervals target, engage, re-engage and retarget their prospects and customers through their notification tactics. E-commerce portals can save on cart abandonment and send vital information on shipping and delivery on-the-go to their customers. Similarly, travel portals can send discount coupons and holiday plans to their prospects and customers according to their buyer persona. 

Easy to Integrate:

One of the best aspects of web push is it is easy to install on your website. Many of the push notification providers offer a high amount of discount or even free service for first 1000 visitors. You can choose a package and vendor as per your business requirement and install it in your website.

Genuine Message:

Unlike newsletters and promotional messages that are mostly ignored by users, push notifications carry genuine messages for users and prospects that will tickle their interests. Add to that a compelling copy and they simply will not be able to ignore your messages.

Closing Thoughts:

While creating web push notifications you need to keep in mind some major aspects:


  • Time and frequency – Timing is important and so is the frequency at which you are sending the notifications. You cannot annoy your users but again you cannot let them forget you either. You need to test and trial to reach the exact metrics.


  • Relevance – Your message should be relevant and proper. For example, on a cold winter afternoon, your offer should be related to Christmas or New Year. You cannot talk about the upcoming summer to them.


  • Copy – A great copy is crisp and lucid and short. You have only 100-120 characters to deliver your message. Keep it simple and compelling enough so that no one can ignore your notification.

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