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Why Pushmaze is best alternative for Pushcrew ?

Emails are used to communicate with users and generate potential leads on the websites. However, the emails are losing their effectivity due to the fewer click-through rates. This won’t provide a ton of engagement between the customers and websites. Therefore, … Read More

Best Push Notifications Practices for Online Travel Companies – You Should Know

Table of Contents Push notifications as compared to emailsHow to get a push marketing tool for your travel company?How to integrate a push notification tool?Best Push Notifications Practices for online travel companiesAlways plan an opt-in strategyConduct audience research and segment … Read More

What not to do while crafting push notification in 2019

Table of Contents Avoid sending too many notifications: Don’t do bad targeting of customers:Don’t disrespect the customer’s time and routine:Never send a single push notification message to all the users:Avoid sharing irrelevant content to customers:Don’t neglect to tell the users what … Read More

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3 PushTraffic Sources for Affiliate Offers [Reality Check and an Alternative]

Table of Contents What is Push Traffic?Aspects to know before picking a push traffic source: Why push notifications?Push notification campaign through push ads:Push traffic Sources: Reality check of Push traffic sources: Why choose your own push notification server? There are … Read More

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How to Promote Affiliate Offers with Push Notifications [2019]

Table of Contents What exactly are the push notifications?How push notifications are beneficial?Types of push notifications:How do push notifications work?What are push notification ads?Push Platform Options:Push notifications in affiliate marketing: Uses of push notifications in the affiliate market:Inform the customers … Read More

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How to Get More Blog Subscribers Using Web Push Notification

Table of Contents Why do some blogs fail?Web push notification as a channel for content distribution:-How is web push best for content distribution?Free from spam:-Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe:-No personal information required:-Web push alerts as compared to email Newsletters:-How to … Read More

How consumer perceive push notifications

How Consumers Perceive Push Notifications

Though, Push notifications are still new to the marketing world, both marketers and users have seen its positive and negative impacts. When wise marketers were using this tool for customer engagement and building brand loyalty, many others took a different … Read More

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What is Web Push Notifications & Why You Should Choose PushMaze?

Table of Contents What is Web Push Notifications?How do web push notifications look like?Web push notifications include the following elements:What are Web Push Notifications Service?Why do you need web push notification service provider?How PushMaze is different from other tools?What are … Read More

How bloggers use web push notifications to reach the target audience?

How bloggers use web push notifications to reach target audience?

Table of Contents Web push notifications | the contemporary channel for content distributionHow web push notifications make ways out to relevant prospects?1. Free from spam filters2. Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe3. Users don’t need sharing personal information4. Can be micro-personalized5. … Read More

Comparison of Push Notifications vs SMS vs Email Marketing

Comparison of Push notifications vs SMS vs Email marketing Infographics

Modern day marketing is full of prospects to directly communicate with consumers. Brands and businesses are utilizing numerous techs to establish a highly connected and targeted marketing channel with the consumers. Push notifications, emails, and SMS are additions to this … Read More