how to increase sales on your website

How to Increase Your Holiday Sales on Your E-commerce Store

Table of Contents Tips to boost eCommerce holiday sales: Optimize the Opt-in Strategy: Segmenting your Audience:Automate your Push Notification for Holiday Sales: Exciting Offers and Discounts:Give Gift Cards with Purchase: Extend your Sales and Remind the Users: Target Your Old … Read More

Best time to send push notifications

What is the best time to send push notifications to users?

Table of Contents Why time matters for push notifications?How to send push notifications at a correct time?Don’t ignore the time-zonesPlan and schedule in advanceLeverage the upcoming eventsRegulate the frequency of alertsChoose the right push contentAvoid one-size-fits-all approach at all cost … Read More

What are some push notification best practices in B2B mobile marketing?

Table of Contents 5 push notification best practices for B2B internet marketing1. Acquisition: Focus on the blog section and business pages2. Engagement: Define your KPIs for better engagement3. Re-target: Give special preferences to Lead Form aborts4. Test: Experiment with copies, … Read More

How much does it cost for push notification advertising

How much does it cost for push notification advertising?

Table of Contents Push notifications- Journey from Email to web push notificationsSome stats and facts about push notificationsWhat is Push Notifications Advertising?How Does Push Notification Advertising work?Benefits of Push Notification AdvertisingThe Drawbacks of Push Notification AdvertisingWho are prominent users of … Read More

How ed tech business can use web push notification marketing

How Marketers From Ed Tech Business Can Use Web Push Notifications?

Table of Contents EdTech Market and its segmentationHow web push notifications are suitable for EdTech Business?How can I say this confidently?Why push notifications receive better CTR than email?Unique challenges in Ed-tech Business need unique solutionsDifferent ways to use push notification … Read More

How FCM push notification works

Everything about how FCM Push notification works

Table of Contents What are push notifications and how they work to deliver messages in real-time?How app push notifications and web push notifications are different?What is FCM?How FCM works in Android?How FCM works in iOS?How does FCM Push Notification work in … Read More

A/B testing push notifications

How to A/B test your push notifications to generate more lead/sales?

Push notifications are indeed a competent marketing tool, and probably, the bests of all marketing tools in the market. However, when it comes to delivering the maximum engagements and driving improved conversions with best push copies, you can’t be sure … Read More

Boost push notification engagement rate employing these 5 hacks

Table of Contents 1.    The Push Notification Title2.    The Push Notification Body3.    Timing of your push notifications4.    Push Triggers for higher engagement5.    Segment and personalize the right wayTo conclude Digital marketing seems like an uphill climb against competitors who are … Read More

pushmaze comparison pushcrew

Why Pushmaze is best alternative for Pushcrew ?

Emails are used to communicate with users and generate potential leads on the websites. However, the emails are losing their effectivity due to the fewer click-through rates. This won’t provide a ton of engagement between the customers and websites. Therefore, … Read More

Best Push Notifications Practices for Online Travel Companies – You Should Know

Table of Contents Push notifications as compared to emailsHow to get a push marketing tool for your travel company?How to integrate a push notification tool?Best Push Notifications Practices for online travel companiesAlways plan an opt-in strategyConduct audience research and segment … Read More