Chrome Push Notifications

Keep bringing your users back to your website via chrome browser push notifications!

Deliver Chrome Push Notifications to mobile and web browsers for 100x cheaper


Chrome Push Notifications

With PushMaze, you can deliver real-time chrome push notifications to your users for Safari, Firefox & Chrome web or mobile browser. With a 60% market share, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and chrome web and mobile push notifications are a great way to actively engage your audience. Also, your users don’t need to be on your website to receive these notifications; they just need to be active on their browser to get these chrome push notifications.

Why PushMaze for Chrome Push Notification

Easy Personalization

Personalize your notifications and deliver them to the right set of users based on their interests/actions. Deliver clickable chrome browser Push Notifications to send your users to any part of your website.

No need for a mobile app

PushMaze chrome push notifications work for all users using all devices that have Chrome browser installed. Easily build a mobile audience with just a mobile website. No need for an expensive mobile app.

Schedule Notifications

You can use Pushmaze’s advanced scheduling features to schedule chrome browser push notifications in advance. Schedule all your chrome push notifications in bulk so you don’t need to send them manually.

Multi-user Collaboration

Easily collaborate with your colleagues by creating accounts for each of them. No need to share credentials!

Preview Push Notifications

Check how your chrome browser push notifications will be rendered on your users’ browsers. Only send push notifications once you are satisfied.

Send Push Notifications 100x Cheaper

Send Chrome Push notifications 100x cheaper. No charge for subscribers. Self-hosted and only pay for the software. One time fee.

Insert Push Notification Smart Code

Install PushMaze on your servers, add the domain from which you want to serve chrome push notifications, and generate the Push Notification Smart JS tag. Place it before the closing tag on your website.

PushMaze Push Notification Smart Code

Unblockable popup Opt-in Confirmation

When a user visits your website, they receive an unblockable popup opt-in box asking for permission to send Push Notifications on their Chrome browser. Users can then “allow” for push notifications to be sent to their browser. No need to collect emails and then double opt-in before you can start messaging your users.

Unblockable Popup Confirmation - Browser Push Notifications

Send a Chrome push notifications

You are good to go and send your Pushmaze chrome push notification. Sign in to your PushMaze admin panel, write a push notification message and press send!

Send Browser Push Notification

And that's it!

The moment you click send, all your subscribed users will see a notification from your website in real time. You can easily track your browser push notifications on the Pushmaze admin panel with statistics like deliveries and clicks.

Receive Chrome Push Notification
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