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Everything you need to send desktop, web and mobile push notifications

Scheduled Push Notifications

Schedule web based push notifications at a specific time. You could schedule it so that the notification gets sent out at a time you know your audience is more engaged!

Schedule Push Notifications


PushMaze provides you with versatile JS and REST APIs so you can cook up custom magic with it. Did we also mention that PushMaze is a self-hosted software and thus you have complete access to all your data?

Pushmaze - JS and REST APIs

Segment and Target

Segmenting your users based on activities they perform, their geography, interests or anything else! Segmenting allows you to target those group of users and send relevant web and mobile push notifications.

Pushmaze - Segment and Target

Include images in your notifications

Adding images to a piece of text increases engagement with the topic. Push notifications are no exception! Adding images to a push notification is very easy with PushMaze

Pushmaze - Include images in your push notification

Multiple Users

PushMaze has multiple user support baked right in! You can add your colleagues to the PushMaze admin panel and collaborate easily with sharing credentials.

Pushmaze - Multiple websites and users

Limited Time Notifications

Send push notifications that expire after a set time. Have a deal that can’t be seen by users past a certain time? No problem!

Pushmaze - Limited time notifications

Reporting & Detailed Metrics

Pushmaze makes it super easy to track the performance of your push notifications by comparing the delivery and click through rates.

Pushmaze - Detailed Reporting and Metrics
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