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The holidays are meant to be the time of joy, fun, and happiness for shoppers as well as businesses. The shoppers want to buy a lot of new things during this season and the conversion rates also go up for business concurrently. It’s literally a win-win situation for both. The businesses gear up to make maximum profits during the holiday season. Certainly, the marketing strategies, sales, discounts, emails, and profits also make the festive season more energized!

According to Statista, the US e-commerce holiday sales are projected to increase by 16.6% in 2019 as compared to 2018. These insights and statistics show an overview of the e-commerce market in the USA during the holiday season.

With all the festivals around the corner, it’s a good time to have a look at 5 creative ways on how to increase sales on your website during the holiday season with web push notifications.

Tips to boost eCommerce holiday sales:

  1. Optimize the Opt-in Strategy:

Getting the visitors to opt-in to your push notifications is a crucial part. It is where you lay a foundation before you can start sending your web push notifications to them. It is not only easier to opt-in through a simple click or tap but is equally simpler to deny them for good.

A retailers’ website has to be good enough to win customers’ trust. Trust makes the user align to a buying decision, not just once but also for the future purchases. This is where you can get them to download your mobile app or opt-in to your web push notifications.

Thus, build an opt-in strategy for your website first. Take the first time visitors, repeat visitors, and existing customers into confidence by showcasing the value of your notifications for them.

Once you have a good number of push subscribers, you can send targeted push notifications to increase your sales. You can also help the customers using a custom opt-in prompt where you can tell your audience what they can expect once they are opt-in. You can alert the users while a sale is going on, provide them shipping updates, give early access to new product launches, and even send personalized recommendations based on user behavior.

1. Optimize the Opt-in Strategy

  1. Segmenting your Audience:

Segmentation is a great way to ensure that your push notification marketing strategy makes a deeper connection with the audience.

Segmentation is crucial, especially during the holiday season! Every subscriber is unique and segmentation helps in targeting every subscriber based on their location, behavior, specific time zone, and interests.

For example, if the average order value of a user is under $30, it won’t make sense to send them advertising campaigns for more expensive products. This will be completely irrelevant for the customer and you may get a bounce rate on your website. Thus, segmenting the audience base is necessary for targeting customers using a precise push marketing strategy.

You can also create location-based personalized offers for your users. Let’s say your business runs in Illinois, you can target the audience by giving free shipping offers to drive more customer retention at Illinois.

  1. Automate your Push Notification for Holiday Sales:

Schedule your push notifications to avoid last-minute hassles with the help of automated push campaigns during the holiday season.

  • Create a list of upcoming events: Black Friday, Green Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year.
  • Create the deals and offers for all throughout the holiday season. Set a timeline to create an automatic campaign of offers. For example, let’s say you want to create an automatic campaign for New Year from 25th December to 31st December, then list down which push notifications you would like to send on which day.
  • Pre-schedule on your calendar to promote best holiday sales during the holiday season.

Let’s have a look at a few examples of automated push notifications that will help you to understand more easily.

Exciting Offers and Discounts:

Encourage users to buy new collections of products. Impress them with the new and dashing collection and motivate them to buy using exciting offers and discounts etc.

Exciting Offers and Discounts

Give Gift Cards with Purchase:

You can boost your sales by giving exciting gifts cards and cash backs during the festival season. This is an amazing opportunity to reach out to your repeat customers and generate brand loyalty.

Extend your Sales and Remind the Users:

Remind the procrastinate users about the offers on different products. This creates a sense of excitement to purchase the products.

Extend your Sales and Remind the Users

  1. Target Your Old Customers:

Getting new users to opt-in and focusing on new customers is important, but re-engaging and re-targeting existing customers is also a key way to increase your holiday sales. You can target them from their past purchases and activities with your website.

There is massive competition in the e-commerce industry that may lead the users to forget about your brand. Thus, reminding them about your products as they shopped with you in the past is an important parameter. You are not just reminding the users but also telling them r to buy certain things they may like. This might convince the users to repurchase some items, which they bought last year, or they can even browse the new products on the website. This increases the sales in either way and gives the user a reason to purchase again from your website.

Target Your Old Customers

  1. Increase your Triggered Push Notifications:

Triggered Push notifications allow the e-commerce store owners to send automated messages to relevant customers in time and get higher conversions.  All they have to do is to set triggers and goal-based user actions to personalize the messages on attributes such as location, behavior, etc.

The following are the triggered push notifications you can use to send push notifications during the holiday season.

  • Retarget the Abandoned Carts:

Retargeting the abandoned carts is an effective way to boost sales during a holiday season.

During holiday seasons, not only the sales go high but also the cart abandonment rate is high too. The customers keep on browsing for the best deals on different websites. If a user is looking around for the best deals, seeing your notification with a discount or offer can trigger a buying decision.

how to increase sales on your website

  • Limited-Time Holiday Offers:

Most users were opt-in to receive push notifications to get a great deal comparatively at a lower price. You can send them an offer with a discount for specific products. These limited-time offers can craft a desire to take action and a fair chance of a conversion.

 Limited-Time Holiday Offers

  • Personalized Discounts Based on Past user activities:

You can make your campaigns more personalized by adding custom attributes such as the user’s first name. You can also analyze the category of products they last visited and send relevant notifications to get them back where they left during their last visit.

Personalized Discounts Based on Past user activities 

  • Enhance the CTA buttons on Your Website:

The CTA buttons act as a catalyst between the e-commerce store and users who want to shop. You can place multiple CTA on your push notifications. Your subscribers can click on the CTA buttons to land on different landing pages as per their preferences. Let’s suppose you have a holiday sale for s Christmas trees, lights, decorations, costumes, and more. You can send a push notification with holiday deals for all the products with different CTA messages like “All Offers on Christmas Tree”, “Shop Now for Better Deal”, which directly align with holiday deals.

Enhance the CTA buttons on Your Website

  • Create a Sense of Urgency:

Sending reminder notifications to customers is the best way to boost sales during holiday seasons. You can create urgency by offering them good deals for a limited time. This grabs customer attention and triggers immediate buying decisions. You can also send reminders-based notifications conveying them not to miss limited-time discounts, coupons, and deals.

These urgent notifications help the users to check the cart again and also help the outgoing customer to stay on your website. You can use the statements like ‘Grab the coupon’, ‘Limited offer’, ‘For a limited time’, ‘Hurry up’ etc. to create an urgency in the users.

Create a Sense of Urgency

  • Utilize Images, Emoji’s, and Graphics for Better Engagement:

There is no secret that the users understand visual data better than text. Images and emoji push notifications are the best drivers to get better engagements. Make your push notifications contextual and clickable using icons, thumbnails, and relevant banner images.

Better Engagement

Final Thoughts:

Holiday seasons are always an exciting time of the year. Not just the customers but also the businesses wait for them to make bulk sales. Web push notifications can help in driving a huge influx of traffic and also convert push subscribers into paying customers. You can target your subscribers, new customers, existing customers who haven’t shopped for a while by creating a variety of web push notifications. What’s your take on this holiday season?

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