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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards the affiliates to promote a brand with their own marketing efforts. The tactics used by affiliates can convert visitors into active customers. The affiliates get a commission for each visitor for their marketing values. Affiliates find specific niches and maintain a full range of marketing channels for the growth of a business.

The affiliates work on a competitive environment where a customer visits the site with the help of different marketing channels like social media, emails, and push notifications. However, the right channels play an important role in the efforts of marketing.

Many companies move in a pace with their own marketing strategy with multiple channels to maintain their product visibility. The perfect marketing channel will navigate the website with better aspects of SEO. Push notifications can be a cost-effective strategy to build your products viable in the market.

So, what are push notifications and how it impacts on the affiliate marketing? This article will give you wisely about a marketing strategy to promote your product with the use of push notifications to generate engagement.

What exactly are the push notifications?

promote affiliate offers through push notifications

Push notifications are the powerful automated messages sent by a website to a user through a web browser or App. They are nearly similar to SMS text messages without interrupting the user activity, thus gives an ultimate feel to marketing campaigns. The notification will reach to the user regardless of the app or browser is open or not. It helps the users to stay in contact with your users by adding value. The notifications are delivered to a user on a mobile or desktop. The users will receive the notifications only if he/she is opted to receive them.

How push notifications are beneficial?

The sending and receiving emails on the phone was a long and cumbersome process. The process includes starting from checking for new emails, sending a request to a remote server, and then wait for the information to be sent to the clients.

The text messages and emails are no longer useful for the user. The user rarely opens it and reads. Thus the business users often had to wait for long periods to check the mail.

The push notifications eliminated this barrier of email marketing and came into the picture with a better marketing set-up. Push notifications provide shorter information on the lock screen on your mobile/desktop browsers.

 push notification opt in

Types of push notifications:

There are two types of push notifications:

  • Mobile push notifications
  • Desktop push notifications

Both mobile and desktop users can receive browser-based notifications. They don’t require an App to be installed in order to receive a notification. A person need not download an App to receive the messages. Mobile users can also receive push notifications via mobile browsers which trigger.

How do push notifications work?

The push notifications are unique among the other marketing channels. When a customer arrives a page, they choose to allow the opt-in message. After opt-in, the messages go directly to the customers who are interested in specific products.

The segmentation is used to segregate the customer base by knowing the timing of notifications, opt-in and opt-out rates, click rates for better campaigns. The customers will get the notifications as long as they open their browser. The immediate effect of notifications helps to spread a piece of content to an interested customer.

push ad networks
                                                   Hatching of push ad networks is not surprising.

What are push notification ads?

Push notification advertising is sending the ads to the user’s desktop, laptop, and any mobile devices. Web push notification is a highly engaging way for advertisers that supported by the most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

The push ads work:

  • The user should agree to receive (Opt-in) from a website
  • The ads get delivered to the user’s device even if they are not browsing.

When the user clicks the information, it will redirect to the promoted landing page or directly to the offer.

Push Platform Options:

There are different types of push notification service providers in the market. The options for best push notification services include either cloud-hosted services or self-hosted services. Both options are readily available in the market with their own specifications.

SaaS-based vendors are those who provide the services to send the web and mobile push notifications. Most of the SaaS vendors charge to their subscribers at a recurring basis. You need to completely depend on the SaaS vendors for any kind of customizations and additional features.

The self-hosted push notification tools provide web and mobile push notification service to send notifications without any recurring charge. You won’t have to pay for sending push messages to your subscribers. The only one-time cost is required to purchase the tool with the source code. Indeed, you can do customizations and add necessary advanced features as you have the source code with you.

Your choice will probably be determined by your budget and how much traffic you’re driving. Many of the platforms offer similar features, so you need to choose the best among all according to your requirements.

 push notification affiliate marketing

Push notifications in affiliate marketing:

The push notification campaigns are really on a hype wave. Affiliate marketing methods mostly depend on affiliate products and segments. You can define which segments would be most interested among customers. Then you can simply push out the information

Uses of push notifications in the affiliate market:

The versatility of push notifications in ads makes it a tool for different marketing verticals. On the flip side, if you have a better vertical than others, then it will work in the market as a diverse way.

Promote CPA (cost per acquisition) offers with push marketing: It is a kind of affiliate marketing in which advertisers pay for a specific form of acquisition or action to be taken through push notifications.

  • Customer engagement and personalization
  • Use of emojis, creativity to produce a brilliant ad copy
  • Use of coupons and vouchers

Inform the customers about products and create a few deals:

This is the first point of contact between the customers and offers and have an influence on the process. Each ad should contain a title, description, logo, and an image to convert your ad campaigns into sales.

Images are certainly important than ad copy. The affiliates need to follow some guidelines which might differ between different networks. The use of creative copy can add sales with user engagement. This is the most useful thing to consider to uncover the ancillary markets.

In general, you send the traffic to a landing page with a single offer and people who are interested in the offer will convert. However, push notifications to change the game in a better way.

For example, you are selling motorcycles and you install the push technology on your landing page with discounts on helmets. Your contact lists will grow as you are promoting the offers on helmets.

If you want to promote another offer on other accessories like headlights, send a push notification with the link to the landing page. Then you will get free traffic on your website. This is useful for both existing and new customers.

Let’s consider you have subscribers of 5,000 and your CTA (Call to Action) for notification is 10%.

With each push message, 500 people will visit your landing page, 25% will go to the offer page (125 people) and 10% will convert at $5 an offer. You will get approximately 60$ to 65$ with a single push notification. Just imagine if you have a larger subscriber base! 

Look at the holidays and trend it on Twitter or social media: For example, on the occasion of National dress day, make use of the specific idea behind it, create an affiliate related to dresses and then send the message out there effectively. It may even merge with other campaigns you’re running.

 push notification affiliate marketing

Push notifications for boosting sales:

The affiliate marketing and push notifications help for customer retention and increase sales. When you offer a range of products or services, this helps in expanding the customer base.

Affiliate marketing allows to maintain the notifications with the value proposition and keep your offers engaging. You can offer daily deals, weekly offers, and seasonal sales across a range of products through push notifications to enhance your customer base. With a cautious campaign, you can create a sales tide for products.

To conclude:

Push notifications are something you should emphasize on as an affiliate or anyone who aims to build marketing. You can push your marketing to the next level choosing the best push notification services.

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