Push Notifications vs Email Marketing

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Push notificationis a kind of message which shows up on mobiles / smartphones. App publishers are free to send web push notifications to users as per their discretion, provided they have the consent of users. These notifications can be used to display scores, a message for opting any opportunity or coupon or simply know the latest offers or available sales. Email push notifications mostly look like mobile alerts or text messages. All mobile operating systems such as Fire OS, Windows, Blackberry, Android and iOS support push notifications.

Push notification provides value and convenience to the app users. More often than not, push notifications anchor the following snippets:

News and scores

Weather and traffic notifications

Travel information, flight check in

The app publishers use push notifications to connect directly with users. One of the best advantages is that they are always noticed and do not get lost as in the case of spam messages which are either not discovered or not found. These notifications can be checked twice as much in comparison to email as they are easily accessible. Web push notifications come handy to do the following:

Promoting offers or products

Bettering the customer experience

Helping to know apps better

Sending receipts of transaction

Promoting stuff published in social media

Email marketing In the humble abode of marketing, email is considered old fashioned; it remains an intense channel which can be utilized to interact directly with users. Email marketing is the utilization of electronic mail to promote service and product. According to experts, email marketing is the effective and efficient utilization of email to create relations with potential customers and clients. Email marketing is one section of web promotion, which includes internet based marketing. Websites, social networking, blogs, forums etc., come under the umbrella of Email marketing.

By monitoring the number of hits a site gets after a mass mailing campaign, it’s easy to gauge if a particular product / coupon / offer worked wonders for an organization. It is additionally a decent approach to again attract existing clients. Many organizations additionally offer a unsubscribe options for audiences so as to concentrate on intrigued potential clients. Email marketing can be coupled with something other than text content; rich media formats can give pictures and provide organizations some flavor and service texture.

The web is the most normal route for public to access information. It boils down to the business’ ability to feature in the first page of Google search. To accomplish this, companies should master SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Push Notifications vs. Email Marketing:-


Push Notifications vs Email Marketing


Comparison of Push Notification and Email marketing are as follows:

  • During SalesMany products are often undiscovered by users. Before such products lose their shelf life, it is in the best interest of your company that you engage in flash sales and close out sales. Browser push notifications do play a role in spreading the word and attracting customers. Sellers can use both the channels – Push notifications and emails to increase the intensity of the current sale consistently and subsequently create a sense of urgency in the ending phase.
  • Shopping Cart AbandonmentThere are many instances where visitors visit your website, add items to their shopping cart and leave without making a purchase. In the case of visitors abandoning their shopping cart after sharing their respective contact details, the retailer can send a direct email to make the customers aware of the product availability. He can offer a few discount coupons and run offers to entice them. And for those who did not share their details of contact, push notifications will fulfill the job of enticing.
  • Launch New ProductsWhile launching a new product of a company; it is important to make the existing customers as well as future potential customers, know about it. This is where push notifications come handy especially to target those who do not share details such as email id, contact details, etc.
  • Personalized CommunicationCompanies such as Wigzo offer tools which are powered by machine learning. Software and tools help you track visitors of your website and help you understand customer behavior. Customer behavior entails identifying aspects such as what customer is looking for, and how to make the experience better.
  • Notify of a New Blog PostMany bloggers and content marketers think that blog visitors subscribe to newsletters only if they are interested to read. Of course, while interest and anxiety do play a significant role, the truth that customers are skeptical about sharing contact information with retailers and advertisers is of compelling interest. A blend of Push notifications and Email marketing strategies can be used to reach out to those users.
  • RegistrationUsers can subscribe to push notifications instantly. What all it takes is a single click. On the other hand, subscribing to emails takes some time. It is mandatory for users to provide details such as personal information, first name, last name etc. Upon providing all the necessary details, users receive a confirmation email. Users are then required to click the link in the email to confirm subscription.
  • DeliveryPush notifications are supported both on desktop computers and mobile devices. In case of newsletter subscriptions, messages are delivered to the inbox of the email address provided by the user.
  • CreationRunning a campaign by using push notification is effortless. To run a push notification campaign, you require a couple of catchy sentences and a web link that directs users to your website or affiliate website. But email marketing entails many steps such as the following:
  • Add appropriate subject line
  • Select an image
  • Create the layout of email
  • Check how the campaign looks on different platforms
  • Keep an eye on the schedule.
  • VisibilityVisibility is high for Push Notifications. Push notification is shown instantly and usually does not have to compete with any other messages. On the other hand, visibility for email marketing is low. Your message is lost among other emails, users may overlook or delete it without actually seeing it.
  • SpamThere are no spam filters to worry about in Push Notification. A user cannot receive notification from fake subscriptions and notification cannot be filtered out by spam filters. In Email Marketing, there is a huge problem if the email is not set up correctly. It may be perceived as a spam by intended audience.

Why Push Notifications is Better for Your Blog:


Push Notifications


Let me pull the curtain down with a short summary

  1. Push notifications have better conversion rates than SMS and emails
  2. The incidence of spam messages in push notifications is low. It is high in emails.
  3. Push notifications are easy to deliver.
  4. Users can subscribe to push notifications with a click. To subscribe to emails, users are required to undergo a lengthy process
  5. Push notifications promote better product awareness
  6. Push notifications minimize the incidence of shopping cart abandonment

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Subscribe to our newsletter to know more about trends in digital and ecommerce marketing. Keep watching this space for tips and tricks on browser push notifications, email push notifications and web push notifications. My best wishes are with you and your venture. Cheers!

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