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Emails are used to communicate with users and generate potential leads on the websites. However, the emails are losing their effectivity due to the fewer click-through rates. This won’t provide a ton of engagement between the customers and websites. Therefore, push notifications came to picture and evolved as more effective, direct way to engage with the users, bring the users back to your site by retaining the customer base.

Pushcrew is a popular option for sending push notifications to users via desktop or mobile. It has become a channel for communicating with users by making announcements and to retain the customers on the websites. If you think of using any of the push notifications tools, it is very important to examine and analyze the software provided by the competitors.

With the following considerations about the pushcrew alternative, you will get a complete overview of the services provided by them. Analyze the essential functionalities and pricing plans before moving into pushcrew.

The unique comparison about Pushmaze lets you make efficient, so you can decide depending on your estimation. If you are planning for a long term investment, choose the most reliable software.

When we talk about Pushmaze as Pushcrew alternative, we can’t deny the fact that pushcrew is an awesome tool that is being used by many of the brands. Pushmaze doesn’t provide all the features associated with pushcrew. However, there are certain areas where Pushmaze proves to be an alternative to pushcrew.

There are certain aspects can prove to be attracting the upper hand for some brands with pushmaze. So, let’s understand how pushmaze works and how it is different from Pushcrew.

What is pushmaze?

pushmaze overview

Pushmaze is a simple and instinct push notification tool you can install on your website. It helps in making announcements to users, sending notifications to users by engaging them. You can contact a huge audience and draw users back with news and improvements.

It is a service which is self-hosted and lets the users track the notifications through FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) for free of cost. They can be implemented easy and accessible with open source code. The client just needs to copy the script into the web page and it will get functional within a few minutes. The client can track the performance of the push messages.

There are various targeting options available to allow subscribers with relevant messages. One can create, edit, schedule, and update the messages in a hassle-free environment and save time.


Features of Pushmaze:

  • Schedules notifications at a specific time and date of your choice
  • Provides the self-hosted software with versatile JS and REST APIs
  • Provides segmentation
  • Targets the group of users
  • Boosts conversion
  • Maintains the relevancy of messages
  • Adds rich media images in your notifications to create more engagement
  • Have multiple user support
  • Dedicated dashboards for both admin and users
  • Multi-user and multi-domain support
  • More


Why Pushmaze is the best alternative solution?


self hosted push notification

Self-hosted solution:

Majority of the push notification tools in the market are based on the SaaS model like pushcrew. Their model is based on the monthly rental charges per notifications being sent to your subscriber base. Pushmaze is a self-hosted solution that provides a turnkey solution for users. You have the authorization on the functionality or custom design of your website. You have access to plugins, themes, and even to create your own functionality. You can manage your own server according to your requirements.


full customisable tool

Accessibility of unlimited customization:

You can use emojis, large image and logo to customize your push notification through pushmaze before sending any notifications. If you want additional customizations or software updates added to your website after finishing the duration of free updates, then you will have to pay a little amount extra.


white labeled tool

A white-labeled tool:

As PushMaze is a white-labeled tool, by default, your notifications will not have any branding of Pushmaze. The tool is completely own by you and you can use your brand identity and own logo while sending push notification messages.


low pricing

Reduced cost and price:

Pushmaze provides a self-hosted service where you can send unlimited notifications to both on desktop and mobile browsers. You can reach out to unlimited users with the service and get excellent customer support with one-time cost. It lets you send the push notifications 100 times cheaper via firebase cloud messaging.

As a self-hosted solution, pushmaze doesn’t charge any recurring amount. You just need to purchase your own push notification tool by paying only a one-time cost. You won’t have to pay for sending the messages to your customers. You just invest one time and enjoy the services for a lifetime.

You do not need to pay to your vendor on per notification basis like in SaaS-based vendors. You can own this push notification tools with just a one-time buying cost.


24/7 support

Provides unlimited Support: Unlike pushcrew, pushmaze also offers 24×7 customer support to the users. The customers are allowed to explain their concerns easily with the help of ticket support system. Moreover, the onsite resources allow businesses to fix many of the complexities online only.


Power of push notifications without using an App: You don’t need a mobile app for your business to employ the notifications. Pushmaze allows the user to send push notifications to desktop and mobile users from the website.

Pushcrew enables businesses to use push notification for mobile and web so as Pushmaze. You will get easy to install solution which can be accommodated to any business. There are also similar offers provided by both of the service providers that you can cater to your business.

You can get started with the guidelines with easy and convenient steps for installation as provided by the pushmaze support.

Whom does it cater?

If you are fed up by paying for the push notifications services that charge per-notification and sends you the recurring amount monthly or annually, then Pushmaze is the perfect tool for you.

If you want to avoid the popular notification services like pushcrew pricing with a huge amount of cost ranging somewhere around $100- $200 for 10,000 notifications, then pushmaze is the best alternative with a one time and affordable pricing.

Pushmaze is best applicable for both start-ups as they can send as many as notifications with avoiding the monthly bills. The startups can expand their audience to as much as they want with unlimited notifications.


Takeaway: The marketing channels prefigures the marketing of tomorrow, where you will get a sense of recognition about your brand and product in the market. It is tricky to choose the proper communication channel for the enhancement of your brand/product. There are some definitive similar features available between the Pushmaze and Pushcrew. However, the above-mentioned resources provided above through which you can distinguish according to your needs.

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