Pushmaze Review

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PushMaze Secures Quality User Experience and Recommendation for Content Marketing Software from a Leading Directory for Business solutions.

The team at PushMaze is incredibly professional. And it is safe to admit that the tool is a must-have solution for businesses. All the more, we are looking to utilize a well-designed web and mobile push notification platform.

FinancesOnline, one of the fastest growing discovery platforms for B2B and SaaS platforms. It has recently honored PushMaze with its Great User Experience award for 2018. This prestigious title, which was granted to us under their best content marketing software category, is granted to software solutions that retain superior design, usability, and intuitive user experience. The Great User Experience award is a huge achievement for the software developers at PushMaze. Who strive to provide users with a robust and simple to use platform for keeping their audiences engaged.

As per the software experts at FinancesOnline. PushMaze is hugely beneficial for its trackable push notification messages. Audience segmentation and microtargeting, notification schedules, fully customizable notifications, and multiple user support, to name a few. What attracted FinancesOnline’s review team most is our fuss-free one-time payment Pushmaze pricing option, which alleviates any problems associated with recurring payments.

FinancesOnline’s Statement

“With just a one-time payment package, you will receive all the benefits of an enterprise-grade push notification service regardless of audience size,” mentioned by FinancesOnline’s review team.“You can send as many as notifications to as many target users without worrying about the rates.”

After a thorough deliberation from FinancesOnline’s marketing software research, PushMaze also won the Rising Star title for 2018. The award indicates that our self-hosted web push notification solution has proven effective in fueling one’s push messaging strategies.

We thank FinancesOnline for taking the time to craft a comprehensive review of our platform. Of course, likewise, we would love hearing your thoughts as well. So don’t forget to visit FinancesOnline and leave a user review for PushMaze.

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