relevancy of push notifications

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The attention of users is significant and many other businesses like you are battling for a share of it. Are your push messages getting ignored despite your best efforts to engage your users? If your push notifications fail to convey value to your users, your users will likely ignore your messages in favor of something.

Before we get into the relevancy of push notifications, first let’s get to know what a push notification is. If you have used mobile apps and web apps, you probably would have encountered push messages already. Push notifications are personalized short messages brands send to users using their software or website. Push notifications allow the brand communications highly customized, relevant, and delivered at the right times to users.

Reasons why push notifications should be relevant?

To understand the relevancy of push notifications, let’s look into the advantages of push notifications that make them relevant for marketing purposes. Let’s get started.

To gain new subscribers

relevancy of push notifications

To increase the strength of your user base, you can ask your visitors to register on your website or business app. You can remind them to subscribe to your website or newsletters via email campaigns or leverage push notifications. Once the users opt-in for your notifications, you can continue sending these alerts.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to promote them to complete the signup process in your app or site. Using push messages, you can gather actionable information that will allow you to customize future engagements with them. Above all of that, you can start creating a loyal customer base through push notifications.

To promote new products and offers

relevancy of push notifications

Most customers are interested in receiving new promotions and discounts from brands. To promote new products and offers, you must be active in communicating with buyers across different channels.

Considering the interest of customers to receive alerts from shopping brands, integrating push messages to your marketing strategy is worth integrating into your plan. By running push notification campaigns, you can increase the chance to enhance your promotions and boost your sales.

Effective communication channel

Offering relevant and useful information to your target audience helps in facilitating effective communication and expanding your business. Give your customers insights and reminders on deals and offers to improve the traffic on your site or app.

Push messages allow engaging your customers through real-time messages that target them. With these powerful tools, you can communicate with your customers without your push messages getting ignored in the spam folder.

Improving customer engagement

relevancy of push notifications

Push engagement in mobile apps, especially Android devices is on the rise. In iOS devices, the engagement rate is 43.9%. When users permit to receive push notifications from you, you can utilize this opportunity to keep them engaged. Even if your business doesn’t have any upcoming promotions or discounts, push notifications are a smart marketing practice that can ensure your target users keep your brand in mind.

Run push notification campaigns and engage them with any new business. For example, if you have any special news that would make the lives of customers easier or information that matters to them.

To receive feedback from clients

Actionable push messages are one type of notification that helps to get high engagement from your customers. This is true for those messages that invite users to offer their inputs. You can implement this immediately after the users have interacted with your customer service or if they have recently purchased anything from your site or app.

If they had a great experience with your brand, the chances of them giving great feedback are high. This way, you can measure the positive experiences with your customers to increase your level of reliability of services.

You can increase your chances of users engaging with your push messages by offering exciting discounts and offers. It also can be a certain amount of points that go into a loyalty program or some other exciting benefits for them.

To drive repeat purchases

Retaining existing customers is more efficient and cost-effective than finding new customers and converting them. You can set your push notification campaigns towards customer retention strategies. While the first thought for brands may be to use email marketing for this, push notifications works in a better for this.

If your marketing list is updated and your user contacts are segmented in the right way, you can send targeted messages to your loyal users to entice them to purchase your products and services. This also helps them to encourage them to make repeated purchases during that time.

Insights on customer behavior

When planning to run campaigns after understanding the relevancy of push notifications, it is important to consider your target users. Targeting is significant for effective brand building and marketing. That is why getting insights on customer’s interests, behavior, and feedback is equally important.

Gathering information on the customer’s location and other activities allow you to send push messages at the right time to the right demographics meeting their needs. Studies show that location-based push messages multiply the conversion rates.

Using push messages as a marketing strategy helps to improve user engagement and thereby conversion rates. Track actionable metrics connected with push messages like click-through rates and time to initiate better push campaigns.

Enhanced brand consistency and integrity

Push messages can work as a powerful marketing tool that helps to increase the brand consistency and integrity of your business. By sending out relevant messages like special offers and last minute deals that are beneficial to your customers, you can improve the consistency of your brand.

Using push messages for offering value-added notifications about what your business has to offer to your customers will help to improve the trust of your customers in your brand.

Improve your customer care strategy

Push notifications can help to improve your customer care strategy with relevant content. This is mainly because push notifications are less intrusive than other types of user engagement strategy. Push notifications allow your users to be updated with the latest news from your offers thereby effectively driving traffic and gaining useful brand information.

You can leverage push notifications to capture the user’s attention. According to the researches, personalized messages have over four times higher open rate than generic push messages. So the more relevant and customized your notifications are, the better the results you will get.

How to use push messages for the advantage of your brand?

Push notifications are one of the underutilized marketing technologies that offer significant value to your business strategy to drive sales. Now let’s look into how to exploit these advantages for the benefit of your brand.

Employ out-of-the-box thinking

When using push messages in your marketing strategy, ensure to deliver unique value to your users. Instead of treating push notifications as another alternative to email marketing, consider them as a major part of your strategy.

Start with analyzing your users. What are their unique needs? What is that they expect from your brand? How are they engaging with the website or app? This is where thinking big will help you to deliver valuable engagement your users have never experienced earlier.

Segment and target users wisely

relevancy of push notifications

When you are implementing web push notifications don’t just implement them without segmenting your user base. Segment your users wisely so that you can target them in the most effective way possible. Personalizing push campaigns greatly depends on a good segmentation and targeting strategy.

Begin by segmenting your target audience based on their interaction with the site. When you segregate your audience based on their profiles and behaviors the click rate of push notifications will eventually improve.

List out KPI’s

Defining your key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business goals is an important step that contributes to the success of your brand message and bring in long basting advantages.

To get the most benefits from your push notification campaigns, you need to define and analytics significant KPIs like user behavior, revenue generated, conversion rate, or user retention rate. Analyzing the real impact of your effort on your user through these KPIs is a good way to leverage the benefits of this medium.

Timing of push messages matter

Sending push notifications to your target audience at random times is not a great idea. Instead, identify the best time to target your customers. For instance, if your audience base is spread across the globe, there is no point in sending the messages to them at the same time.

This is because all of them would be from different time zones and hence the chance of some them missing out on your messages increases. To understand the right timing to target your users, perform testing. Do continuous testing to find out the time when your users are active.

Personalize your push messages

Personalizing push notifications is one of the important things businesses have to consider when tired of experimenting with old marketing techniques. No matter how good you create the messages, unless you craft it by considering the browsing history and buying behavior of your users, it won’t be appealing enough to capture their attention.

Offer value to your customers

Customers who subscribe to your push notifications have trust in your brand. Whenever you deliver push messages to your target audience, make sure you offer value to them. If you craft your messages in a promotional manner by not timing right, you might risk your users not being allowed to receive your notifications.

Offering value to your users with your push notifications begins by understanding the unique needs of your customers. If your push notifications don’t offer any value to your users, it is better not to send messages to them. Once you understand your customer’s behavior you will understand how push messages can be beneficial to your users.

Think beyond re-engagement

Push notifications are not just another alternative method to re-engage your old inactive customers. Push notifications can be a significant part of your strategies to improve your brand loyalty and reputation. Push message campaigns works better when the messages you send out actively engage your users with the topic they are interested in.  Avoid sending generic messages to your customers that can be sent by any other marketing channels like emails.


Push notifications are a winning marketing strategy for brands to promote their business and drive sales. Sending relevant and timely push messages to users who are already interested in your business is a good marketing strategy that will bring in great results. Through the right planning and focus on your business goals, you can use push messages to grow and retain your user base.

Push messages work great when implemented in the right manner. You need to configure the automation correctly, segment, and target the right user group, and must also pay attention to the value it offers to your customers. If you consider all the significant aspects and continually test and tweak your push message campaigns, you can successfully drive user engagement and maintain a good relationship with your customers.

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